Copolymer pickup bodies – the alternative to fibreglass

Increased demands on utility services to respond quicker and ensure continuity of supply has heightened the need for a vehicle that meets these demands. Strongs has worked closely with a number of high-profile providers to develop a vehicle that can deliver what is required. Strongs body conversions have been developed to work in the harshest environments and offer an ergonomic platform that will never let you down.

To ensure we meet our customers’ high standards, Strongs runs an ISO 9001:2008 quality system, together with Conformity of Production from the VCA, allowing us to ensure every aspect of our vehicle conversions are Type Approved under NSSTA, IVA or EWVTA. This means that all our products meet European legislation.

Strongs conversions offer a cost-effective alternative to a traditional fibreglass body and internal racking. With high impact resistance and lightweight design, our bodies offer reduced maintenance costs and reduced down time, improving readiness for any major events.

  1. Weatherproof: With great attention to door design and air flow through our conversions, we have been able to ensure our bodies remain dry and protect the condition of the equipment carried;
  1. Doesn’t crack or dent: The use of copolymer means that most impacts can be absorbed and return to shape with little or no damage. This ensures the vehicle is available and reduces maintenance costs;
  1. Quick installation of the body: With a modular design and the ability to fabricate the body without the chassis, installation can be reduced with little effect to the base vehicle;
  1. Life expectancy: Copolymer bodies should outlast the base vehicle and, in some cases, our bodies have been used on a second chassis offering excellent value for money.

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