Key Benefits of a Strongs Co-Polymer body conversion

Impact Resistance
Strongs Co-Polymer bodies can absorb significant impacts without cracking or denting.

Strongs Co-Polymer bodies combined with clever design offer weight savings and increased payload.

Low Maintenance
A Strongs Co-Polymer body should offer significant savings due to very low maintenance costs.

Easy to Repair
If damaged its easy to clean back the effected area and weld it back together very quickly.

Chemical Resistance
Co-Polymer is used in chemical tank and is resistance to very corrosive materials.

Improved Visibility
Strongs Co-Polymer bodies are white which helps reflect and spreading light throughout the body.

Whole life cost
With the combined benefits of Strongs Co-Polymer bodies down time and maintenance cost are reduced.

Type Approved
Strongs work with the VCA ensure all conversions are fully type approved for use on UK Roads.

100% Recyclable
Strongs Co-Polymer bodies are 100% recyclable and use less energy to recycle than traditional materials.

Key Benefits of Strongs Conversions

40 Years’ Experience
Strongs was founded over 40 years ago

Strongs have specialist in all areas to help each customer with their individual needs

Audited by BSI to ensure quality standards are high and we continue to improve.

Ford QVM
Strongs work very closely with Ford to ensure the highest standard for our customers.

Based in the Midlands with good National and International logistics to support our customer.

With 55,000 square feet of manufacturing space and secure vehicle storage give flexibility for customers

Industry Partners
Strongs work with key partners with specialist knowledge to ensure the best products for customers.

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